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My name is Rustam but I usually go by Rus. I was born in Uzbekistan but currently reside in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I am a Leader and an Engineer that is currently focusing on IP Video delivery. I have been working at Comcast for the past seven years as an architect, engineer, and enginering leader in the group called VIPER that has been building and managing a new generation of video delivery for the home. I have worked on standards that will govern the next generation of IP Video as well as filled patents around technologies and ideas of IP Video. I have created and run highly effective teams that deliver products that are used by millions of users every day. My career goal is to bridge my skills as an a engineer and as a leader to build a large successful organization, that delivers products that could change the world.

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Rustam Khashimkhodjaev "Rus"


Comcast (VIPER and Comcast Converged Products)

Senior Manager/Senior Engineer 2010 - Present

Architecture and Development of the Next Generation of Video Delivery in to the House
Roles: Development Engineering Leader, Manager (Team and Vendor), Architect, Developer (AS3, C#, Java)

  • Developed large number of R&D prototypes for IP video delivery infrastructure during design phase of Comcast IP delivery platform. (Origin, Content Routing, CDN, Video Playback, Video Applications)
  • Architected, Designed and Developed the unified Player Platform at Comcast.
    • Unified Standard API
    • Playing Video from Comcast CDN (VOD and Linear) Emergency Alert System
    • 608/708 Closed Captioning
    • Secondary Audio Support
    • Analytics
    • DRM
    • Advertisement and Alternate Content
    • Blackout Support
  • Started and grew the Player Platform team at Comcast nine dedicated developers,four dedicated QA and multiple vendors.
    • Powering all IP Video platforms at Comcast
  • Created business plan and received full commitment from executive team to build an internal solution to replace a vendor.
    • Ten million dollars over two and half years
    • Thirty total new head count dedicated to the project. (devleopers, qa, and lab infrastructure)
  • Worked on Standards (MSE, EME)
  • Managed multiple vendors by driving requirements, roadmaps and deliverable time lines.
  • Managed relations with multiple internal teams at Comcast during integration of the Player Platform.
  • Developed the XBOX application for Comcast. (Featured in Engadget and many other web news articles during launch)
  • Gained extensive experience in IP Video playback. (HDS, HLS, Smooth, DASH)
  • Gained extensive experience with DRM technologies. (Flash Access, Microsoft Play Ready)
  • Gained extensive experience in IP Video delivery.

Sapient (Government Solutions)

Associate of Technology (Consulting) 2007 - 2009

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Project [2008 to 2009]
Roles: Developer(Java, TeamWorks, JBoss, Oracle), Project Management Support

  • Developed BPM solution for NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) to implement Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12) requirement for NIH.
  • Tested the system via simulated unit testing and regression testing.
  • Developed web service interfaces for enterprise application communication between NED and other Health and Humans Services applications.
  • Performed project management task such as: preparing bi-weekly reports to the client, helping with planing of future development, helping with risk and issue analysis, and hiring.
  • Mentored junior developer on the team.

FBI Innovari Project (OTD Track) [2007 to 2008]
Roles: Java Developer(Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Tomcat, Oracle), Tester, Facilitator, User Trainer

  • Developed on the OTD track using JAVA with Spring, Struts and Hibernate. Persistence tier development on Oracle.
  • Developed a java based web-application for managing and tracking high volume of digital evidence and digital examinations for the FBI Technical Devision.
  • Tested the system via unit testing (JUnit) and regression testing(CruiseControl).
  • Facilitated internal/client group discussions/meetings.
  • Lead focus discussion meetings with clients to gather feedback during development, met with clients to gather functional requirements. Written user oriented documentation(User Manuals) and assisted with user training.


User-Defined Content Streaming

Patent# 20160073138 2014

Methods and systems for providing user defined content transmissions are disclosed. An example method can comprise receiving a request for first content and receiving a first preference. First content can be retrieved from a first source based on the request for first content. Second content can be retrieved from a second source based on the first preference. The first content and second content can be packaged for transmission in response to receiving the request and the first preference.


Executive Leadership Certification

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2014

Masters of Science in Computer Science

University of Colorado Denver 2013

GPA 3.60

Masters of Business Administration

Daniels College of Business at University of Denver 2008

GPA 3.73

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Metropolitan State University of Denver 2007

GPA 3.28

Overall Skills

  • Engineering Leader
  • Software Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • IP Video

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